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The Mining Challenge

Conventional backhoe mining technology

has significant limitations.

• Subject to “under-mining” and “over-mining”

• Limited to surface-based equipment with processing constraints

• Limited recovery time, inefficient separation capacity, weather issues

• Lack of economical sampling results in “Hunt and Peck” approach


 Our Solution

A better design and economic model

Remote Operated Subsea Mining Vehicles: ROSMV

• Off-the-shelf tech for near-shore underwater mining

• 2 unmanned, self-propelled beach-operated vehicles

• Proven tech, best practices from telecom, oil and gas and renewable energy applied to mining gold offshore

• Rugged: provides strength, stability and traction for wide range of subsea ground conditions and terrain

Our ROSMV technology re-invents offshore mining


                       Better Economic Sense - A Better Model: Two different ROSMV’s

      Core Sampling Vehicle

       – gathers multiple core samples;

       the data is used to direct the mining plan

      Mining Vehicle

      – extracts high value ore

          base on sampling data

Competitive Advantage

• Process rates up to 5X competing technology

• Design: 50% of material returned directly to trench

• 100% coverage – single-pass gold recovery

• Active survey data means continuous control

• 24/6 operational capability (Sunday is day of rest)

• GPS navigation for thorough ground coverage

• Expanded weather/sea operational windows

• Sonar for night/low visibility operations

• Equipment and component redundancy

• Strategic spares with in-field maintenance capability

• Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components

• Rugged equipment of comparable size and scale to mining and forestry