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Twisted Pick, LLC Breakthrough SubSea Gold Mining  •  Exponentially Greater Offshore Gold Recovery Follow us on

Twisted Pick, LLC

•  Breakthrough Shallow Water Gold Mining Offshore Nome, Alaska  •

•  Exponentially Greater Production Than Competitor Technology  •

•  3X ROI thru Revenue Participation  •


•  1-4 million oz placer gold offshore, Nome, Alaska; from thousands of years of glacial activity  •

•  Millions of dollars have been invested to prove gold deposits  •

•  Current technology has significant limitations, hunt & peck approach  •

The Twisted Pick Deal

•  $2 million raise

•  Mining starts with Summer Season, 2015

•  Projected revenues of $4.5 million in first season

•  Payback thru Revenue Participation - 3X (over 3-4 years)


Thank You for your interest in our Twisted Pick investment opportunity.  We are excited to share with you our game plan for mining the rich alluvial gold right offshore in Nome, Alaska with our innovative ROV solution.  Please peruse our site,  and if you are an accredited investor, we want to speak to you.  Please fill out the simple Accredited Investor Info form on the Investment Opportunities page and we'll get you a password for unrestricted access to additional supporting information.  Once we've achieved our funding goal of $2 million, we'll be on track to generate returns starting in the summer of 2015. Your questions and comments are always welcome.


Cliff and John,

Co-Founders, Twisted Pick LLC